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For all Battlegroup42 fans we can report the achievement of a significant milestone, and this time it hasn't got anything to do with models, coding or maps. It's about another project to which some of us can spend more dedication now. After all, RC2 has been around for quite some time now, and proved to be less faulty than its predecessor, which greatly reduces the time and effort it takes to iron out remaining bugs. So what are we talking about ? Of our BattleGroup42 Wiki of course ! For some time there have been requests from the players but also the developers themselves, to clearly list and display the contents of the BattleGroup42 Mod. There had been some attempts to do that in the past, but all of them failed regarding the enormous amount of maps and equipment. For over one year, our team member Qbicle, aka "Q", was working on a Wiki of the mod, and in early February he reported the unbelievable amount of 500 entries. But the Wiki is far from being finished, since it doesn't include all of the vehicles and planes just yet, and still lacks all of the stationary weapons and small firearms.
But 500 is a nice, round figure and a perfect occasion to pay it its well deserved attention. The Wiki not only includes information and pictures about the content, but also installation hints and a FAQ area, in which we gathered answers to the manifold user feedback. And as with all Wikis, it's open for everyone who wants to participate. Be it by correcting and adding text, be it for adding new pictures or suggestions for improvement.

You can find a link to the BattleGroup42 Wiki in the top menu of our website or by clicking directly here

Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

BattleGroup42-Wiki now with 500 articles

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  1. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 17.02.2016 21:55
    Thanks Sarge. Yeah, thinking of some kind of HTML5/WebGL thing with a 3D globe marking the battle locations. Forgotten Hope promotional video for FH 2.5 gaveme some inspiration as it has some zooming in and out of a map of Europe effects.
  2. nopicSargeSurfat schreibt am 16.02.2016 23:29
    Hey Dusty,

    for now, we have linked to your map browser in the link menu of the wiki. For further integration, please contact Q (Qbicle). Would be great to get it more interactive!
  3. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 15.02.2016 21:56
    Oops ... forgot the link -
  4. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 15.02.2016 21:55
    Looks amazing. Will be interesting when my map browser can link into this. In theory it should be possible to list all the vehicles and show which map its on with a marker that links to the relevant wiki page. Thinking of doing fancy HTML5 zoomable map piccies with marker popups.