BattleGroup42 Final RC3 - Patch 1 released

Battlegroup42 News Today we're releasing the first patch for BattleGroup42 Final RC3.

It fixes the following bugs that have been reported, as well as some other minor bugs not listed here:

- fixed bombs on G4M Betty (no longer destroys itself)
- removed faulty camouflage net on 4504-uelzen
- fixed 1P view on KhT 130 tank
- added missing glass on IL-4 fuselage and turret
- lowered two sandbags on 4503-paderborn to allow proper aiming and firing of PaK 40
- removed the overheating of Oerlikon 20mm guns (similar guns don't have overheating at all)
- changed the firing rate and ammo amount of 20mm guns of Bf 109 F-4
- removed the centerline "Motorkanone" from Bf 109 E-3
- replaced the FlaK 38 on the Hilfskreuzer with a FlaK C/30
- changed ammo amount of FlaK C/30 to 20 rounds per magazine
- fixed faulty rudder on Mosquito and Swordfish
- improved Swordfish flight physics
- added missing crosshair to Swordfish rear gunner
- Swordfish spawn on Attacker class carriers fixed
- reworked the suspension mesh on RAM Kangaroo
- fixed the faulty plane spawns on Taiho carrier
- fixed the no cockpit 1P view on some planes
- reworked mantlet and gunbarrel for Jagdpanther
- reworked soldier spawns in Coop mode on 4307-114_to_messina
- fixed ticket bleed on 4504-royan_outskirts
- fixed faulty ammo/health dispenser
- coop mode for 4005-willemsbrug removed
- 1P view of P-40 (all versions) fixed
- fixed Russian M1939 aa gun
- M5 mobile at gun fixed
- fixed missing/wrong AI templates for Swordfish

A huge thank you goes out to all of our testers that reported bugs in the past two weeks, and we will further check and improve the mod to the best of our abilities.

Note on patch installation: just as the full client installer, the patch automatically detects your Battlefield 1942 installation, Origin users have to manually choose the folder (as mentioned in the installer).

The server patch is installed by simply overwriting the files on your server.

Geschrieben von Sarge31FR am Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

BattleGroup42 Final RC3 - Patch 1 released

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  1. nopicDustyMiller schreibt am 05.03.2017 15:57
    Downloading now. Been away from BG42 for a while. Need to get back into playing :)